Learn IELTS Online: The Best Online IELTS Course Preparation e-Learning Portal in India

Online IELTS Education (OIE) is an amazing e-learning platform that provides in-depth knowledge of all the study abroad courses. So, if you wish to learn IELTS online then OIE is best online IELTS coaching in India.

Currently, they are providing courses like IELTS, Duolingo, French and Spoken English.

But soon they are going to launch preparation for exams like:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • PTE
  • PECK

This makes Online IELTS Education the 1st Indian e-learning platform that provides complete solution to all study abroad requirements.

The best part about OIE is that they provide in-depth knowledge and leave no stones unturned.

They focus on each and every question rather than giving only one audio for listening, or one passage for writing, or one example of writing, or a few examples of speaking.

Let’s look at what all they offer!!

> Once you login in, it takes you to the Dashboard.

Under the dashboard, you will find ‘Test Your English’.

OIE recommends the students to first test their level of English.

On the basis of the level, the portal recommends the student that what IELTS plan they should choose. Students will find this in the ‘Recommended IELTS Plan’.

On the basis of the recommendation, students can select what course they want!

They can either choose; Fast Track Course (Without Live Class) or can choose Fast Track Plus (with Live Class).

Apart from the level of English, students will also find Tips for the day.

In tips of the day, they will find IELTS Tips & Tricks video every day by non-other than Mr Phil Biggerton.

Phil Biggerton is an IELTS instructor, a coach to IELTS teachers, an IELTS examiner for the British Council, content maker, and the author of “IELTS – The Complete Guide to Reading”.

Online IELTS Education

> The Next step is to check Lesson.

Under Lesson, OIE has offered lessons on Grammar, IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, IELTS Speaking, Vocabulary and IELTS Tips by Mr Phil Biggerton.

  • Grammar: Online IELTS Education improves your grammar through lessons, exercises and quizzes. They offer more than 160+ grammar exercises.
  • IELTS Listening: One of the key features that make OIE stand apart from another study abroad e-learning portal is that they provide exercises per questions.

    Rather than just concentrating one complete audio they have Listening audios per questions that comes under IELTS Listening. They provide more than 30+ IELTS Listening exercises. For more; try their 3 Day Free Trial.
  • IELTS Reading: OIE knows that students face a lot of difficulty in solving reading questions. This is where they again have made exercises per questions plus they have provided tips per question.

    All this just to make students understand IELTS reading easily. Therefore, they have more than 45+ exercises and each exercise is targeting to specific IELTS question types.
  • IELTS Writing: Under IELTS Writing lesson, OIE has provided skill-building lessons along with IELTS Writing task samples!

    They have provided about 30+ exercises and each exercise covers different writing questions that come in the IELTS exam.
  • IELTS Speaking: In IELTS Speaking, students can watch full-length IELTS Speaking sessions along with Examiner feedback for an overall understanding of the IELTS Speaking Test.

    OIE provides 10+ speaking videos and also provides sample questions of PART 1.
  • Vocabulary: Online IELTS Education also provides Vocabulary Lessons. Under Vocabulary lessons, they provide different words with their meaning, synonyms, prefixes and suffixes.
  • IELTS Tips: Similarly to the Dashboard, if a student doesn’t have much time and want complete IELTS Tips in one then they can watch IELTS Tips videos.

    OIE has provided 20+ tips and tricks to help students to achieve higher bands.
Best Online IELTS Coaching in India

> Now let’s move to Sectional Test:

In Sectional Test, OIE has provided more than 40+ sectional tests. This means a student will get almost 10 sectional test each section.

Such tests will not only make him or her more familiar with the IELTS format but will also improve their skills and knowledge.

Also to note, these sectional test can be paused in between but once completed it cannot be played or redone again.

By giving sectional test of each section student will end up giving around 40 test and by giving a number of tests students will improve their knowledge of English Listening, English Reading, English Writing and English Speaking.

Also, it will improve their time management skill and in this way, students will come to know that how much time they should allocate to certain sections.

Learn IELTS Online in India

> Mock Test:

This is my personal recommendation to each and every IELTS aspirant that before booking their IELTS test date, please give the mock test of Online IELTS Education.

This will tell them where they are standing currently in terms of preparation and bands. Also will make them understand that on which section they need to focus more.

OIE has provided 5+ Mock Test. These Mock Tests are the exact replica of Computerised IELTS Exam. This means that students have to spare 3 hours from the day when they decide to give these mock tests.

This will give them the real feel of the exam as students can not pause it in between and have to give a complete test in order to know where they stand.

Under the Mock Test, students will get their Listening and Reading score immediately whereas for Writing and Speaking students have to submit an evaluation request by going to the Support Menu.

So, opt for ONLINE IELTS EDUCATION MOCK TESTS before finalizing your IELTS Exam Date.

IELTS Coaching in India

> Live Class:

So for the students who opt for FAST TRACK PLUS Course, they will get the advantage of getting live classes daily by the top IELTS Faculty of India.

Under Live Classes, they will find Today’s Lecture which will show them the timing and class that is going to happen on that particular date.

Also for the students who failed to attend the live classes, they can find the recording of those classes under Archived Lectures.

So, even if you are busy and missed your live class then your class is still there and you can play the recording of it by going on to Archived Lectures.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday under Morning and Evening batches.

On Saturday, there is a doubt solving session and on Sunday there is Orientation class for the students who have joined in between.

For more info, Contact OIE Team.

IELTS Online Classes

Plus Archived:

Online IELTS Preparation

All this under one e-learning portal makes Online IELTS Education India’s best IELTS Online Coaching portal.

And in case if you have read this far then you might have been wondering that it all sounds good but WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THIS COURSE?

So, here is your answer, the validity of the course is 180 days!!

Yes! you read it right the validity is 6 months and currently they are running an offer on both the courses i.e.

For FAST TRACK (Without LIVE CLASS): Just 1999/- (One-time fee)

For FAST TRACK PLUS (With LIVE CLASS): Just 4999/- (One-time fee)

And in case you are still unsure then opt for a Free 3Day Trial!

I know all this at the price of nothing is simply the blessing for students to achieve higher bands and turn their dream of studying abroad into a reality.

What are you waiting for?

Do register now!!

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