How to crack the IELTS Listening Exam in 2021

Every study abroad aspirant wants to crack the IELTS exam in order to get admission in a decent university. To crack the IELTS exam it is highly recommended to know the tips & tricks of each and every section of the IELTS exam.

Whether it is IELTS reading, IELTS listening, IELTS writing or IELTS speaking, tips & tricks play a vital role in understanding the concept of each section of IELTS.

Therefore, being India’s 1st all in one study abroad e-learning portal, it becomes our responsibility to share IELTS Tips & Tricks with all the study abroad aspirants.

To start with, let us now look at IELTS Listening Tips.

Important Tips & Tricks for IELTS Listening Test:

IELTS Listening Tip – 1: Read and understand the questions before the recording starts.

Always read and understand the questions before the start of the recording. This will help in understanding the questions beforehand, as it becomes impossible to read, listen & write the answers while the audio is running. Also note, the recording will be played only once

Top 10 tips for IELTS Listening exam

IELTS Listening Tip – 2: After reading the question & answers, try to guess the answers before you listen.

Before the start of the recording, time is allocated to the students to read the questions. It is recommended to use the time well and read given questions and answers quickly.

While reading the question and answers, try to guess the answer beforehand but also listen to the audio carefully and try to look for the keyword. This will help you in choosing the correct answer and score higher bands in IELTS Listening.

IELTS listening tips and tricks by Online IELTS Education

IELTS Listening Tip – 3: Listen to recording attentively and focus on answers.

While listening to the recording it is highly necessary for the students to concentrate and listen to the recording attentively. Also while listening to the recording focus more on answers than understanding everything.

How to crack IELTS Listening Test

IELTS Listening Tip – 4: Note Keywords.

When reading the question and answers, always note down the keywords. This will work as a map of the text so that student will know where they are. This will guide them and will indicate to move on to next question if they miss an answer.

best tips for IELTS listening test

IELTS Listening Tip – 5: Avoid unnecessary words in answers.

In any exam, it is highly recommended to read the instructions before proceeding. Similarly, in IELTS listening it is advised to read the instructions as it may include the word limit.

For example: Use no more than three words.

Therefore, keep to this by avoiding unnecessary words in the answer.

how to score good in IELTS listening

IELTS Listening Tip – 6: Never leave any answer blank.

As there is no negative marking, students should not leave any questions unanswered.

IELTS listening tips for band 9

IELTS Listening Tip – 7: Don’t jump on to the answers.

Don’t write the answers too quickly.

A lot of times you will hear the needed information and you select it as the correct answer but that isn’t.

For example:

RAM: = So your name is Lorem. L-O-R-E-M
Loren: No! you have mistaken, it is Loren, spelt with N.

IELTS Listening Tips & Tricks

IELTS Listening Tip – 8: Always proofread and check spellings.

Just like other exams, it is always advised to read and revise all the answers. By doing proofreading you will get to know about all the errors you might have made.

Hacks for IELTS Listening Test

IELTS Listening Tip – 9: Plural vs Singular Answers

Depending on to the answers, do look for plural answers.

This means that if the question requires a plural answer then giving a singular word answer will be incorrect.

Tricks for IELTS Listening Exam

IELTS Listening Tip – 10: Use CAPITAL Letters only.

The best part of putting the answers is that IELTS allows you to give answers in Capital letters. In this way it becomes easier for students to score good as the examiner will not get confused in anyone’s hand writing.

Therefore, in IELTS Listening give answers only in capital letters.

Tips for IELTS Listening Test

Above, are the top and the best IELTS listening tip of 2020. Try to practice as per the tips in order to score higher bands in IELTS Listening test.

Also, as a bonus, allow us to share the formula for IELTS listening as it will help you to crack the IELTS Listening exam easily and efficiently.

Formula to score higher bands in IELTS Listening.

  • Pay complete attention while reading the questions and listening to the recording.
  • Read the questions and answers before the start of the recording.
  • Note the marginal difference in the answers. Example: Loren or Lorem.
  • Keywords are the key to score higher bands, as it simplifies the process.
  • Always write the answers in capital letters to avoid confusion.
How to achieve higher bands in IELTS Listening

Above are the top 10 tips & tricks of IELTS listening. And in order to get enough and authentic practice material for IELTS then feel free to get in touch with us.

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