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IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It measures the language proficiency of candidates who wish to study or find a job abroad or people who want to immigrate to a country where English is a language of communication.

It is further divided into 2 versions:

•    Academic (for students who want to study or find a job abroad)

•    General Training (for candidates looking for Permanent Residency)

IELTS Test format comprises 4 parts i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. All of these parts have different tasks to complete. You will be assessed on all 4 parts individually. So if you wish to score well you need to focus on all the parts and that is how you will score good band overall which will eventually help you to get into your dream university and it will also help you with your immigration purposes.

The best part is IELTS is recognized by more than 10,000 organizations globally. Across 140 Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK as well as the USA. Each country and organization has its IELTS score requirements.

To score well in IELTS is only possible when you understand the format and at the same time practice it perfectly with legit material.

This is why we have found out the best of everything for you. An institute that is the best online IELTS coaching which can help you with IELTS classes and not just that but also with your complete study abroad journey i.e. “ONLINE IELTS EDUCATION

Everything is going digital and so are the studies and the education material. This is where Online IELTS Education comes in handy. We are not just limited to IELTS but have more courses like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, Learn English Online, Spoken English, and French.

To crack IELTS you need to have a good command of the English language as well as it is essential to know some tips and proper techniques that you can apply while practicing to get the desired score.

Online IELTS Education is the best online platform for IELTS preparations with a validity of 6 months. This is an online portal where we provide lots of features, with authentic IELTS practice material and test material. You can learn from anywhere and everywhere that too 24*7  all you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!

With Online IELTS Education, you learn IELTS from the very basic steps. First, we make you familiar with IELTS and its test format. For all the questions related to IELTS, we have created a small section of “GUIDE TO IELTS” which solves all your queries. We also have an English Assessment Test which helps students to know their level of English and how can they make a move ahead. Followed by grammar and vocabulary lessons for beginners which makes it easy for all the students to brush up on what they’ve learned in their school time. Grammar lessons involve articles, prepositions, followed by a noun, tenses, modals, active-passive voice, and the list goes on, and while learning you can also practice the same with the given exercises with the lessons.

Online IELTS Education has also provided students with more lessons including all the four modules and practice tests with each and every question type that a student might face during the exam. So basically we don’t leave any stone unturned.

Moreover, you will find video tips and strategies for scoring well in the exam with sectional tests and full-length mock tests with complete evaluations of all the modules and a calculated overall band score with individual bands of each module that too for free! so there are no hidden charges for the evaluations or anything else.

Online IELTS Education also helps students with online LIVE INTERACTIVE classes. Students can opt for any of the batches according to their comfort zone. The best part is if in case of student miss any of the sessions then in those cases students can also go to recorded sessions. People opting for the Live classes also get additional advantages by getting free books and on Saturdays, there is doubt solving classes. Students can interact with the faculty and get all the queries solved easily.

OIE gives flexibility to all the students so that they can learn and prepare the best way possible. We also provide the complete evaluation of the mock tests including the writing and the speaking session with feedbacks from our certified faculty.

Online IELTS Education is located in Rajasthan, Jaipur. But the most amazing thing is that we have not limited ourselves just with Rajasthan so that way we help students located anywhere within India. In simple words, you can learn and practice IELTS from anywhere across India with no boundaries.

To sum up, we as an online platform for IELTS help all students in the best way possible by providing everything a student requires to complete their study abroad journey.




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